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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 22, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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ago, i can't imagine a family where kids aren't coming home. we have taken plenty of heat for the coverage of newtown. for the village overrun of reporters and trappings of our trade. some of that anger is miss directed. because the man who responsible for so many innocents is no longer here. we can't say to him or do what we want to do so we blame the messenger. as journalists we will try to cover this tragedy and honor the lives lost. no, that our hearts are broken too. [ bell ringing ] >> judge jeanine: so that is it. the investigation into the massacre of four americans in benghazi is over. we now have all of the answers.
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the accountability review board commissioned by hillary clinton has released its findings. first of all, there was no protest. and although security was grossly lacking, it is a systemic fault. it is no one in particular's fault. it's everyone's fault. although it really might be ambassador chris stevens' fault and so it goes in washington. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. from the beginning the shouting by the white house about a protest in that depickable video there were whispers about chris stevens himself being somehow responsible. >> they had a mission. and they believed in it. they knew the danger. and they accepted it. >> chris understood that diplomats must operate in many places where soldiers do not. where there are no other boots
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on the ground and security is far from guaranteed. >> judge jeanine: really? ambassador stevens was not in the military. he was a civilian diplomat. the board also found that ambassador stevens made the decision himself to travel to benghazi in se independently of washington and they wrote he did so with minimum close protection security. they not only write at that time plans were not adequate but then say as the president's personal representative the chief of the mission here ambassador stevens bears direct and full responsibility for the security of the mission and all personnel. so let me see. so it is all his responsibility and yet you don't give him the security that he repeatedly requested. it is a classic defense move. when the facts are against you,
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in this case the white house, you blame the victim. by assigning blame or responsibility to the victim you take the onus and the attention off of those responsible. and yet amazingly the report finds security was grossly inadequate. as for reliance on the local libyan militia the ambassador did not see an attack of this nature and scale on the mission. are you kidding? the consultate was attacked 12 the 12 months prior. our ambassador warned, washington, that security was "trending negatively" that the militia, this libyan militia had been infiltrated by extremists and there were ten al-qaeda training camps in
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benghazi. he himself said that they couldn't possibly sustain an organized attack. the libyan militia infiltrated by extremists. the militia that we relied on but they stopped accompanying us in the weeks and months prior to september 11th. do you know why. in they were protesting their salary and working hours. maybe they should take a page out of the michigan union members playbook. and by the way, has any one thought about the fact that local islamist militiamen assigned by the host country to protect us live under the law of sharia which requires they are punished by death if they kill an islamist in protecting an infidel. so instead of beefing up security the state department lowers it. why? >> sir, we had the correct number of assets in benghazi at
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the time of 9/11 for what had been agreed upon. >> judge jeanine: what was she smoking? the report found they didn't even have fire extinguishers and this obviously impacted the ambassador and shawn smith's ability to escape. and yet the panel says this about chris stevens. his expertise in benghazi in particular caused, washington, to give unusual deferens to his judgments. really? then why did he never get the help he asked for? when his remains are returned to the united states, hillary honors him after he dies but never grave hi gave him the hee needed before he died. >> i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens. i want to thank his parents and siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with our country. what a wonderful gift you gave
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us. >> judge jeanine: but the report says there is really confusion as to who is ultimately responsible and empowered to make decisions. really? you don't know who is responsible? >> i'm in charge of the state department. 60,000 plus people all over the world. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> judge jeanine: i guess not. they said no single individual is responsible. no disciplinary action is recommended. but the wording of the report is "there is no basis to believe any one breached his or her duty." now, you there is a fundamental concept in law that if you are negligent in the oversight of those in your charge you are liable for consequences. here, security was grossly inadequate and there were consequences. but they conclude there is no basis to believe any one
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breached their duty. will there be consequences? it appears not. and so it goes. another accountability review board report to be filed alongside the report from 1999 after american diplomats were killed in kenyan tanzania whose recommendations were also ignored. which report had already recommended the changes that had the state department implemented them might have saved the lives of four innocent americans butchered in benghazi. and, of course, this week the board report was presented to the senate foreign relations committee and on the phone with us this evening is oklahoma senator jim inhoff. jim is on that committee. senator, thanks for joining us this evening. >> nice to be with yo. >> judge jeanine: it is great to have you here. you were on the committee that
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heard from hilary's two deputies regarding the recommendations of the report and you think that the report should be dismissed. why is that? >> first of all, you -- you know, you said it but you weren't specific that in april the properties we believe al-qaeda terrorists and we know that is true now they threw an ied in an consulate and did the same thing to the red cross and got out of town after this. they did the same thing to the british ambassador and they left town. then in june, that was april and then june that the properties threw an ied at the u.s. consulate. in june, ambassador stevens warned the white house of the presence of al-qaeda. he talks about the flags they are flying down there. and in august, ambassador are stevens warned the white house that al-qaeda had training camps in benghazi and in september 4 he told the white house that we are going to declare a state of maximum
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alert and then listen to this new, judge, because on september 9 ambassador stevens called the white house for additional security and nothing happened. now, are i have named eight things. i could name 12 but there isn't time. the white house report came out and said "no immediate specific warning existed before 9/11 attack." i can remember just three days ago as i have those before us in the committee meeting i said are you guys saying that wasn't warning enough? well, that wasn't specific. it was specific. i think when the coverup really started when the cia report came out and that was petraeus. he told the white house in the situation room, gave them a document that said "al-qaeda terrorists attack." the white house deleted the word al-qaeda and terrorists. you think if you are and talking about maybe seven people in the situation room at
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the white house they would know who changed it but everyone is denying knowing who changed it. and so they sent susan rice to say a video caused the attack. that is a classic coverup. >> judge jeanine: senator, there is a chance that we will hear from hillary clinton in this -- before the middle of january. do you believe that? >> well, if we do, i tell you what is going to it happen. see, these two hearings that john kerry had, about this. they don't talk about who changed this and who was involved in the coverup and what was the motive. we know what the motive was. it was before the election. and obama had been saying that he has done away with al-qaeda. this is al-qaeda. i specifically asked the question and they wouldn't answer them. i asked them to be specific. and you know, i have made a study of different coverups, the pentagon papers, watergate and iran contra. i have never seen anything --
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this is probably the greatest coverup in my memory anyway. >> judge jeanine: senator inhofe, hopefully we will get more specific answers and we thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you, judge. go get them. >> judge jeanine: they call it the accountability review board. exactly who is accountable? with me is former federal judge and united states attorney general for whom i always had a great deal of respect, michael mukasey. according to the report, no one breached their duty. no one is responsible. no identification of any one responsible for a failure. the only person identified as making any decision is the ambassador. what does that tell you? >> tells me that somebody deeply doesn't want to discuss who is responsible. what the report says in essence is mistakes were made but nobody who is still alive made
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them and that doesn't sound like a reasonable conclusion to me. >> judge jeanine: one of the things i was taken by was the wording "no one breached his or her duty." that sounded very legalistic to me and i wonder given the fact that the government generally has immunity because the king can do no wrong which means you can't sue the government and make none any that now we have this federal tort claims act. are they anticipating some lawsuits that they would use such specific language like that? >> i don't know that it is a matter of anticipating a lawsuit so much as it is a desire to avoid putting any particular person ob the line. i find it, though, very interesting that the people who testified before congress said that this -- these requests for assistance were read by people "on the 7th floor." well, that happens to be where the secretary of state sits and notably this committee, this
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accountability review board didn't talk to the secretary of state. >> judge jeanine: around that is interesting, too, because they thanked the fbi for their cooperation but they never really thanked h hilary and, of course, she is unavailable because she had this concussion. what about the fact that the failures within the state department leadership only go so far up? how can they make a decision if they haven't heard from the secretary of state? how could they conclude and make their findings? >> they can't possibly. they can't possibly decide that it stops at a particular point unless they interviewed people who supervised the people at that particular point. and they didn't go above the heads of those -- the two departments who they -- that they say didn't function properly. >> judge jeanine: all right. we will have attorney general mukasey is stay with us. and coming up, ambassador john bolton makes waves suggesting hillary clinton faked her
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concussion to get out of testifying. he will join the attorney general and i after the break. 
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>> judge jeanine: i'm back with
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former attorney general michael mukasey. attorney general, one of the things that happened the day before this attack was that a video was created by zwahiri calling for the revenge of the death of one of their operate ives and yet this doesn't seem to play any significant role in this accountability review board report? >> doesn't appear anywhere are in there nor does the fact that the demonstrations in cairo were also participated in by people from al-qaeda nor obviously do they even mention that al-qaeda was in the vicinity in benghazi. >> judge jeanine: you have been a judge and you have been the attorney general for the country. does it frustrate you when people ignore the facts? >> very much so. you you have to ask yourself why because the facts were leaping off the page. >> judge jeanine: attorney general michael mukasey, thank you for being with us this evening.
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and we are going to move on to former am a bass dorlan ambass. secretary of state hillary clinton claimed a conclusion that prevented her from appearing. some including my next guest thought the timing a little more than suspicious. thanks for being with us this evening. >> glad to be with you. >> judge jeanine: what makes you think that it is kind of like maybe not real? >> i think the problem, the central problem is the lack of transparency in the way the state department and the secretary's spokes woman had handled this issue. i don't know what hillary clinton about's medical condition is. when they announced it she had had a concussion it actually occurred two or three days before. i think what is at work here is they are are trying to balance between being sick enough not to be able to testify but not so sick that it would worry anybody about the presidential
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campaign that is coming next and it is this too cute by half approach i think that is troubling. it may be that her concussion s actually much worse than they he have given the impression and they are worried about what people would think when she runs for president. so i'm not saying she is faking it. i'm not saying she is not competent to run for president. i would just like some honesty and openness and transparency in what exactly the situation is. >> ambassador, interesting. she couldn't appear on the it television shows that ambassador rice did because she had a grueling week. probably looking for the guy who did the video. and then she couldn't talk about it because there was an investigation. and then she had the flu. and then she had a concussion. but you know, we will let that pass. you say that it is not just the management failure, what happened in benghazi, that it is a policy failure. what do you mean by that? >> i think for all of the deficiencies of the report you
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can't read it and much of it is written in state department bureaucracies i will readily concede that but you can't read it without concludeing that really responsibility for this failure does right to the top of this department. it goes to secretary clinton and rests on their unwillingness or inability to acknowledge what the actual situation on the ground in libya was. look, for, i don't know, several thousand years it has been the responsibility of the host government to provide protection for accredited diplomats injuries the problem with libya was there was no the a functioning government that could do that. this wasn't luxembourg or another run of the millf the country. they had overthrown the previous government and yet the new government couldn't handle such basic functions as security for diplomats.
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admitting that would require the obama administration to admit that their libya policy was a failure and that they couldn't do and from that unwillingness or inability to see that i think flowed the consequences down the managerial chain. >> judge jeanine: thanks so much for being with us this evening. coming up, the u.s. military help was only a couple of hours away for those in benghazi but why were they left alone to die? and later, finally some good news. we will update you on the story of a former marine jailed for months in mexico. [ male announcer ] this is amy. amy likes to invest in the market.
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there simply was not enough time for u.s. military forces to have made a difference. having said that it is not reasonable nor feasible to tether u.s. forces at the ready to respond to protect every high risk post in the world. >> judge jeanine: so did they really not have enough time to save american lives? joining me is fox news military analyst retired u.s. army colonel david hunt who joins us from boston and former cia operative mee mike baker from boise, idaho. thanks for being with us. start with you, colonel. was there not enough time? >> that is crap.
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>> judge jeanine: that's crap? >> it is just not believable. this fight goes on for seven hours. if it wasn't for the cia action going down the street in the middle of a fire fight more people would have lost their lives. we had enough time to get forces into italy into sicily, we just don't have the guts to go all the way into benghazi. it was absolutely enough time and enough forces and it had to take a presidential decision okayed by and acted on by the secretary of defense which was not given which is the only reason that the department of defense special forces et cetera were not on the ground to save some lives by the end of that fight. >> judge jeanine: all right, mike baker. you were ciaop. we hear about delta force and delta force, of course, being the best trained team to extract diplomats under fire. they are halfway around the world in ft. bragg, north carolina. what are they doing there on the anniversary of 9/11?
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>> that is a whole another issue. they don't have remix to address in the accountability review board. what they did is basically made a statement of the obvious about all of the failures that led up to this point. i think some of the salient issues have yet to be addressed which is what you are talking about now and it is so important. where was the responsed a and the mill tare arery assets. i agree it was inexcusable that nothing was attempted. again, are whether lives could have been saved, it is is speculation, there is no other way to put it but you try. they did have sufficient opportunity to at least mobilize assets and then if you know what unfortunately we couldn't have saved some lives at least we would have had boots on the ground immediately after the attack and we could have secured that facility is and wouldn't have had the goat rope where we had for weeks where we couldn't get investigators on site. >> judge jeanine: what is interesting, i think that the statement it is not feasible or
9:27 pm
reasonable to tether u.s. forces at the ready to respond to every high risk area. how does that strike you, colonel? >> it is obvious, thank you admire ral mullen former general joint chiefs of staff for stating the obvious. no one is suggesting that. we had forces in croatia and europe. the point is as mike said and the cia again and again i want to keep saying did an amazing job in the middle of this fight with not a lot of guys but the department of defense had assets that were on the ground and attempted to make a difference. they were never allowed or ordered to do so. we had satellites watching. we had drones and people on the ground describing it and the cia telling us what was going on. we had absolute sufficient information injure for 11 years we he have been going all over the world from point a to point
9:28 pm
b killing terrorists and all of a sudden on september 11th of this year we don't know how to do it? it's unbelievable. >> judge jeanine: what about the commanders in extremist force, cif. they say every other regional command had one of these forces at the time and the defense department will not tell us whether or not the african command had requested the cif forces. >> well, it appears general hamm didn't have that resource at his calling which is obviously something again that has to be looked at. there are so many issues here that have yet to be addressed unfortunately. and we are months down the road. admiral mullen and i appeart with colonel hunt. he was making a point that nobody disagreed with. you are not going to put military assets in place next to ali threat operating environments but we had so is much information lead gd up to the 9/11 anniversary on this attack there was no reason why
9:29 pm
assets shouldn't have been closer and i keep going back to the same point. >> judge jeanine: quick before we -- >> in the white house situation room as they were watching this unfold the idea that the president and the secretary of defense would not look at each other and say we have got to try. we are the ones who try and we didn't. >> judge jeanine: and that really is the shame of it. one last question, colonel hunt, what did you think of that report? >> i thought it was unnecessary. i thought -- >> judge jeanine: one word. >> it was poorly written. it was just wrap. >> judge jeanine: mike, one word? >> yeah, statement of the obvious. >> judge jeanine: that is one. >> that's it. >> judge jeanine: all right, guys, thanks so much. colonel hunt and mike davis thanks for being with us. thanks for being with us. what will the political fallous customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. northern, california bracing for another day of wintery weather. some coastal area around santa cruz pounding waves and rain friday. a second front forecast to move in sunday with more of the same. the national weather service issuing a hazardous weather outlook for the san francisco bay area with waves up to 16 feet expected along the coast and up to 4 feet of snow forecast in the high sierras. and preliminary polling results in egypt showing a majority of voter there's approved a new constitution. the controversial document was drafted by an islamist
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dominated assembly. an official of the muslim brotherhood, the party says saturday's vote was 71% in favor of approving the constitution. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "justice" with judge jeanine. for all the latest headlines log on to fox news .com. constitution. now, back to "justice" with judge jeanine. >> i know that secretary clinton was unable to be able to testify tomorrow in an open setting. i do think it is imperative for all concerned that she testify in an open session prior to any changing of the regime. >> judge jeanine: will that happen? will hillary clinton o testify before she leaves the office of secretary of state and what will be the political fallout if any from her delay? pat joins me here in new york
9:34 pm
city. good evening. how are you tonight? >> good, how are you? >> judge jeanine: terrific. had a grueling week and couldn't talk because of the investigation. had the flu and then had a concussion. and now we are saying that maybe she might not testify until mid-january. what do you think of that? >> i think that is ridiculous if she can walk and talk she needs to get up -- i'm not saying she didn't have a problem with the concussion and fainting but she needs to get up there, she hasn't spoken out about any of this other than to say i'm the head of the state department and i take responsibility. we now know from the report she has been in her deputies and every one of the white house have been white washed in that report which blames all of the underlings and reminds me of john dean's report if you will on watergate. nobody in a senior position was involved. she needs to answer. on this show, when i -- we were on, i followed mr. woods who
9:35 pm
was the father of one of the -- >> judge jeanine: charles woods. >> father of son who was killed there. after all there are four dead people here. we had a hostage crisis where hostages were taken but none were killed. we have four dead americans. she has yet to testify and now it is getting a little old because she has a lot to answer for. when she he said we will get the guy who made the video and put him in jail. >> judge jeanine: they did. >> he is in jail for some minor in fairfa fraction for a year. the people who perpetrated this have not been punished. what we don't know and may never know because with the press complicit the white house has been able to dodge the question and she needs to answer why she went out on the limb saying this was a video when they knew different. >> judge jeanine: that is what amazes me. all this he said in the report and i read every word of it, there was no protest in it response to the video. and yet nobody talks about where the video came from.
9:36 pm
who started with the video. they said it came from it egypt. what did they do have a bullhorn and they heard it in libya? >> the problem is the democrats have no interest in the truth and the republicans -- >> judge jeanine: i hate talking like that, pat. i do. i hate politics. >> i do, too. this shouldn't be politics. the republicans are too -- you know why. in they all calculate politically. there was a time when they take an oath to the constitution not the to the political party to find out the truth. hillary clinton wants to be president and i think as i wrote last year with doug schoen she should have been the democratic nominee. this kind of performance will come back to haunt her. it will come back. she might escape it now but the bullet,f dodging the bull you this s never going to quite go away. >> judge jeanine: the mainstream media won't even talk about it. >> none of this would happen if bob woodward were alive i say.
9:37 pm
bob woodward helped break watergate but the rest of the mainstream reporters dived on it. the answer is i told you originally. you don't have to be einstein to figure this out. the white house concocted this story. susan rice who is willing to lie at the drop of a hat goes out. hillary clinton wouldn't. i would like to see under oath when she was asked were you asked to go on those sunday shows and if you -- and you did not, why not. in. >> she will i'm sure claim some kind of executive. >> she can't, not on that. >> judge jeanine: i agree. never know how they will get out of it. her underling who testified said that the cable's warning of deteriorating security and inability of the libyan government to provide security went to her floor. >> the answer is why didn't they do something. one thing to say i'm the responsible officer. that's nice. no, the quid is wh question isr
9:38 pm
team didn't come to you. why isn't any one higher up being fired? you know what, the problem is in a real center ice temperature where people like vance in carter because he disagreed with the raid on the attempted desert one, you know what, we haven't had a resignation in principle saying i failed or i was wrong or whatever sense. hillary clinton won't even get up now and show up and here is my point. the senate should not even begin come firmation hear -- confirmation hearings on john kerry as secretary of state until she appears at the senate as secretary of state and if she doesn't sit on the nomination. i mean really. >> judge jeanine: you are saying they have the leverage. >> in the senate they can hold the nomination and all anybody has to say is until she appears, until she is ready we are no touching john kerry andy the way, he cannot head the "the questioning of her."
9:39 pm
let's not get silly here. the fact is the american people deserve answers. >> and he really wanted to be here this week. >> as soon as she should get there she should. >> travels all over the world and now she can't walk across the street. >> she says she is not well. after christmas if i were here don't go anywhere else is. >> judge jeanine: what? >> i said if i were here don't get caught being seen anywhere else. sooner or later, get up to the the hill next week. volunteer to go. say i want to be there the minute after. >> judge jeanine: she has been saying that since september. we'll see. >> but she never shows up. >> judge jeanine: coming up after months in an american prison former marine jon hammar will be home for the holidays. that happy story is next. later, the fiscal cliff is now just ten days away but how many of us even know what is fiscal cliff is?
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it was like my first night night that i slept all night long without getting up and it was just the thought of not wondering what it going on with him, can any one hurt him tonight, you know, those kind of thoughts. he is eating and able to actually have a meal, you know. it is just -- i honestly can't totally process it, i think, until he is here. but we are days away. >> judge jeanine: any mother can relate to that. finally, some good news for the family of former u.s. marine jon hammar. he was imprisoned in mexico since august after being stopped at the border carrying an antique shotgun but is now going to be home for the holidays. the long ordeal ended with his release late yesterday. joining me on the phone is the attorney for the hammar family. thanks for joining us this evening. >> my pleasure, jeanine, thank you very much for having me. >> judge jeanine: it is our pleasure. first of all, let me say that you obviously did a fantastic
9:44 pm
job. you were in a position of balancing a lot of interests, public pressure. media pressure. state department pressure. legal pressure. you know, international relations between mexican and the u.s. governments. but how do you think that this thing finally was decided? >> boy, it is so complicated, jeanine, that i don't know where to start. i believe it was decided, i tell you, i believe it was decided in the court of law with a judge who knew when i told him and i put all my marbles in there, 90%s perhaps we sued with an injunction type lawsuit for violations of federal constitution law mexico and actually we said he is innocent. the innocent argument. he was never responded to the constitutional violations which that may be for the future. >> judge jeanine: what is interesting is that your client was arrested for carrying a
9:45 pm
weapon that is exclusively for the use of armed forces. was this some kind of semi automatic weapon? >> no, it wasn't not at all. it is not an ak 1 or nothing like that. >> judge jeanine: what was the violation there? >> 1965, one of those laws that you think it is ridiculous but it is there. and that was not because of the caliber of the shotgun report gages or the bull lets or because of the length of the barrel which was .18-millimeters shorter than law required that he would have just walked out with a fine. >> judge jeanine: and he was not granted bail. he was basically chained to his bed there. what was it like for him? >> that prison is the prisoner escape prison although he had federal charges which is better than being in the federal prison which most of maximum
9:46 pm
security. we didn't want him to be transferred there. we didn't mesh he would be transferred or he would be put in maximum security. i didn't want him to hide him away to some state that would take a long time to get him to trial. we did not want to do that. >> judge jeanine: and your client jon suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome after he served in afghanistan and pakistan as well. >> i believe so. iraq. >> i know you mentioned pakistan. i wasn't quite sure about that. he suffered from ptsd. so now he has been in this prison for over four months. what is his emotional condition like? >> he came out, he was holding out when i him yesterday and we even made some jokes. i said let's get out of and asked for his shotgun and i said we'll take care of that later just let's get out of
9:47 pm
here and we did and we will take care of the other things. just look forward. they have to. >> judge jeanine: you know, it is interesting. i think it was this past week that jay carney said that he wasn't familiar with this case. which is kind of shocking. but do you think that media pressure helped your client in addition to your obviously terrific legal work? >> let me tell you and this is -- we were starting conversations with the new administration before they shut down in power. you know, even before that -- and judge i can tell you we had some ready but we got other options. it wasn't the only one and we sat down and talked. [ inaudible ] [break in audio] they said if the judge grants we will not appeal because i believe he is innocent so let's take
9:48 pm
judiciary. and the day before yesterday night they waved the right to appeal which made it immediate to be able to be free. >> judge jeanine: finally, his -- the first thing he said or did when was released, do you know? >> yes. >> judge jeanine: what? >> i'm very happy and, you know, and i wanted to really be for christmas or before that, you know. it is funny because my wife said for hanukkah as well. whatever, you know, kwanzaa, i don't care. i wanted jon home to his parents. they started to be clients of mine. i'm not a hero. i'm just a lawyer who really got retained to be service but we became good friends with the family. they are great. you you guys helped a lot. >> judge jeanine: thanks for joining us this evening. >> thanks to you and to everybody. >> judge jeanine: thank you. and, of course, coming up, ten days until this country goes over the fiscal cliff. how many of you out there really know what that means?
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you will be surprised by some of the answers we got when we asked you to explain. ♪
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>> judge jeanine: the countdown is now days. in ten days barring a last minute deal, the country goes over the fiscal cliff. sounds scary but how many of you you even know what the fiscal cliff is? fox jesse waters from the o'reilly show went out on the streets to find out. take a look. ♪ free falling >> the fiscal cliff i keep hearing about, where is this cliff? >> i absolutely have no idea what you are talking about. really sorry. >> it is in congress. >> i have no idea. >> i don't know anything about politics. >> probably in baltimore. i don't know. >> i think it is related to the mayan apocalypse i'm pretty sure. >> do you know what happens when we go over the cliff. >> taxes go up. >> the military starts losing money. >> and you are fine with that?
9:53 pm
>> imfine with it. we spend a lot of on the military. >> some imaginary cliff that we will all jump off of. >> you mean the end of the world type of thing? >> well, not really. ♪ >> president obama and house speaker john boehner helped create the fiscal cliff and if they don't get a long-term budget deal done massive automatic spending cuts are triggered. do you know what the slap to address the cliff. >> raise taxes on the rich people. >> every time it comes on the radio or the news i turn it off. >> raise taxes on the rich which i think will fund government for like a week. >> are you worried about your taxes going up? >> i actually hope the fiscal cliff happens. let's push it off the cliff and do it. >> do you know who john boehner is? >> no. >> the tan guy. he cries a lot? >> he cries a lot? poor thing. i would, too, if he was the speaker of the house. >> do you know who john boehner
9:54 pm
is? >> i have seen him. we use the same tanning bed. >> the fiscal cliff. are you afraid? >> very worried, indeed. >> i'm scared of heights, so. >> are you nervous? >> i think you are making me nervous. ♪ feels just like i'm falling for the first time ♪ >> just the day before the painful spending cuts take place, the bush tax cuts expire. that is why they call it the fiscal cliff. president obama wants to let the taxes go up on the so called rich generating $80 billion in refs. revenue. 8 days of federal spending. less than 1% of the $16 trillion debt. >> do you know how much debt america is in right now 12346789. >> $14 billion or something like that. >> do you know what the national debt is right now? >> no idea. >> i'm going to say 30 something trillion. >> 16 trillion. you just doubled it. >> the fiscal cliff is definitely around the corner. and here to try to break it down so everyone understands it
9:55 pm
is fox news contributor steven crowder who joins us from dallas, texas. hello, steven. >> hello judge or as we say in french "judge jeanine." i don't know if that is french. >> judge jeanine: i don't know either. >> actually no, i am french canadian. >> judge jeanine: can you you tell us what this fiscal cliff is? >> well, listen, i don't know about the package you just ran. i did go out and interview people on the street for the fiscal cliff. i apparently had it wrong. i thought we had a spending problem in this country. apparently that is not the case. apparently we can just tax people more. i don't know if you knew this, judge, that is really the solution here. i didn't even know what it was. i thought we had a spending and revenue problem, i don't know. we just need to tax more rich people. i asked them what is a fiscal cliff and, of course, none had any idea. you can see it on you tube .com/steven crowder. but, of course, i am a
9:56 pm
democrat. when i polled them over solutions. closing loopholes, the same people who claimed to be democrats turned out that they lined up with republicans on almost all of the individual solutions. when i asked people they were more concerned with not being seen as a republican than giving the right answers or coming up with solutions. oh, dear lord i'm not a republican. >> judge jeanine: what is interesting when you talk about language and categories and all that, it was like when boehner talks about all of this economic this, that and the other thing and the president obama talks about christmas, the holidays and families struggling. you know, now you got the two of them saying a resolution can only be reached by both sides of the aisle working together. let's hear this one. >> avoiding this tax hike is not a democratic responsibility or republican responsibility. with their votes the american people have determined that
9:57 pm
governing is a shared responsibility between both parties. in this congress laws can only pass with support from democrats and republicans and that means nobody gets 100% of what they want. >> many of us believe on both sides of the aisle the fundamental reform of our tax code that would help us get our economy moving faster and put more americans back to work and more americans on the tax rolls. how we get there, god only knows. >> judge jeanine: steven, ten seconds for this. if we go over the cliff what is the one thing you want to teak with you?e >> gosh, i don't know i guess my wife. both are saying nothing. barack obama is a better brand ambassador than sadly john fake bake. republicans need to change the messaging here. it is not working. >> judge jeanine: good to have you. that is it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. three days before christmas and still time to get a copy of my
9:58 pm
book "sly fox." on behalf of me and my staff here at "justice" thanks for tuning in. we know you have a lot of options in what to watch and it we do our best to make the show interesting and informative. hope to see you next
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